My first acupuncture trip (and I do mean trip)!

My chronic lower back pain has been bothering me more than usual lately. My lack of yoga over the holidays combined with a few extra pounds are surely the culprits. I’m now back at my yoga full gung-ho but the back pain is putting a damper on my bikram practice.

Looking for alternative relief, I decided to give acupuncture a try for the very first time. I rang up a local studio and today was my first appointment.

I met with the acupuncturist briefly to give her a run down of what ails me and then it was needle time. Fortunately, the needles didn’t hurt as she placed them strategically around my body. I did feel one small prick on my foot but that was it. I relaxed on a recliner as she expertly placed needles in both my hands, both feet, the  inside of both knees and about six on the crown of my head. Once she was done she quietly whispered “have a good dream”.

I was positive I wouldn’t be able to nap with all of these needles sticking out of me. I glanced at my watch and noted it was exactly 5:30pm. The acupuncturist had advised me it was common to nap and relax for 45 minutes to an hour per visit but as it was my first time she suggested I try to hang out for at least 20 minutes.

So I dutifully closed my eyes and challenged myself to relax for 20 minutes. What occurred next was quite literally the trippiest thing that’s ever happened to me minus any  type of alcohol or other mood enhancer.

As I relaxed I began to feel as if I was floating above the recliner. I think I laughed at one point. Then I saw an amazing palette of the most vivid colors flashing behind my closed eyes. I’m sure at some point I was sleeping but it felt like I was in and out of this dream state. When I opened my eyes I looked at my watch and it was 6:10pm. It felt like 5 minutes.

As I left I was a little groggy but by the time I arrived home I was feeling quite refreshed. As I bent over to take off my shoes I was amazed to find no back pain whatsoever!

Needless to say, I’m going to stick with the acupuncture treatments.

Silent class, almost

Last night I experienced my first “silent” Bikram class. There were just a handful of students in class and as our teacher entered she told us that we were all experienced yogis and tonight we would mix things up and have a silent class. She rolled out her matt beside us and we began. We worked our way silently through all 26 postures, following her lead.

It was a cool experience, another thing to check off on my yoga bucket list. One funny little thing did happen. The guy next to me, as we lowered ourselves into triangle pose, let out a very noticble fart into the silent air. We had a little chuckle and continued on in silence. So much for wind removing pose!

10 Benefits Of Having A Yoga Dad

by Nina Friend

Turning your father into a zenned out, medidation-obsessed, savasana-loving yogi is a really good idea. Trust me, I did it. Here are the ten reasons why having a yoga dad is absolutely necessary.

1. He’ll put his mat down next to the smelly, hairy guy in booty shorts to protect you from the prospect of getting smelly, hairy guy sweat on your mat. Or worse, your skin.


2. You can use his members-only 30% off all yoga gear promotion, because you know you’ll look better in the new tie-dyed Lululemon leggings than he will.


3. He’ll be the only one at the dinner table who understands when you say, “My neck is killing me from that supta baddha konasana.”


4. He’ll buy you hilariously punny shirts that say things like, “Keep Calm and Carry Om.”


5. When they tell you to set an intention for class, you can break out your competitive side and make it your goal to hold your postures longer than ‘ol Pops.


6. You’ll forever have leverage over him because it was only after a whole year that he finally agreed to come to yoga with you… and now he’s so hooked that he goes without you.


7. Taking a cue from #6, you’ll be less creeped out by the older guys in class who come by themselves, because they’re probably fathers too.


8. Never again will you have an excuse to not go to yoga, because your dad will:
a) wake you up at 7 a.m. for the 75-minute class.
b) leave work early to pick you up, meaning you’ll never be      transportation-less.
c) give you that “suit yourself” look when you complain about being      tired and not wanting to go, obviously guilting you into going.


9. Your dad won’t judge you when you ruin your hard work with dessert after dinner, and he’ll probably join in.


10. In your text conversations, the praying hands emoji will become synonymous with spelling out the word “Namaste.”