Bikram 30 day challenge, Day 16


Over the hump, on to the back nine, half way home………..hold on, my back is killing me! As my feet hit the floor at 4:50am the first thing I notice is my lower back hurts. As I brush my teeth I’m focused on my lower back pain. I also feel bloated (yes, guys get bloated too and no, I didn’t eat anymore pop tarts!). After struggling through yesterday’s class I’m actually worried about being able to make it through class today.


pranayama breathing

6am class starts the same as yesterday, my back is extremely sore and feels inflexible, even my insides feel sore today. As I struggle through the opening breathing exercise, pranayama, my shoulders are on fire and my mouth feels like cotton, uh oh, did I not hydrate enough last night? How am I going to make it through the next 90 minutes? My mind races. I feel the urge to run. As my teachers always say, just breath, just do the yoga. Next is half moon and backward bending and I feel just like yesterday, like the tin man trying to bend my back. Immobile. I battle through to the first water break after eagle pose.

Then an amazing thing happens after a few quick sips of water. Getting into standing head to knee pose I begin to loosen up and I start to feel much better! I do good throughout the rest of the standing series, able to hold the postures. On to the floor series where I feel strong and power through.

After class my back still feels noticeably sore but at least I was able to have a good class today after the rough start. TGIF!  As always I now feel refreshed, energetic and ready to start my day. The power of Bikram! Looking forward to the weekend and no 6am classes!!

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Yoga Dad

yoga dad lives high atop a hill and enjoys being a father and practicing hot yoga.

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