Temptation doesn’t knock 

Look what someone placed on my desk today. The funny thing is I had prepared for this moment, sorta. My company always has cake when it’s someone’s birthday. Usually, we call everyone into the conference room and have the cake there. This happens at least once a month so I had prepared myself when I started the challenge to politely excuse myself if there was cake at any point this month. However, today I was caught off guard because someone just walked into my office while I was on the phone, placed this cake on my desk and walked out before I could say anything. So, here I am. Me, myself and this delicious looking cake. It smells so good! Talk about temptation.

So here’s what I did.

I bagged it up and texted my wife that I was bringing home a piece of cake for the kids. #willpower.

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Yoga Dad

yoga dad lives high atop a hill and enjoys being a father and practicing hot yoga.

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