Day 21, crisis averted

6 am class

Started class worried about my back injury from yesterday. I’ve come so far and don’t want to bow out now with 10 days to go. I gingerly go through the opening postures and take it easy with hands to feet as this was the posture that tweeked my back yesterday. I can feel the pain in my lower left back during standing head to knee on the left side. However, after this I am able to make it through the rest of class with very little discomfort. I live to fight for one more day!

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yoga dad lives high atop a hill and enjoys being a father and practicing hot yoga.

6 thoughts on “Day 21, crisis averted”

  1. Just curious – when you start to pull in Hands to Feet Pose are your knees together or bowed apart? Sometimes I find that people that may have a tightness in their lower back or hips can’t keep the knees together. If this is the case slowly try to bring them back together and then pull, but always keep the front side compression (stomach on the thighs, chest on the knees, face on the legs below the knees). Maybe this will help, maybe not – I love reading about your challenge – you are almost there!

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