Day 22

6am class

Today was better than yesterday. Back was less sore, felt focused mentally. Happy about losing 7 pounds and happy my back is letting me continue on.

I got this great piece of advice in a comment from Views from the Podium, who is a Bikram teacher and it really helped me today with the hands to feet pose, which is the posture I hurt my back in:

Just curious – when you start to pull in Hands to Feet Pose are your knees together or bowed apart? Sometimes I find that people that may have a tightness in their lower back or hips can’t keep the knees together. If this is the case slowly try to bring them back together and then pull, but always keep the front side compression (stomach on the thighs, chest on the knees, face on the legs below the knees). Maybe this will help, maybe not – I love reading about your challenge – you are almost there!

Turns out my knees were bowing apart so I guess this was putting undue stress on my lower back. Thanks Views!

I also got this little gem from Steven:

Have you ever tried rolling around on a lacross ball, particularly in the hip areas? That’s really helped me loosen up my lower back.

So….I’m off to Sports Authority to buy a lacross ball! Thanks Steven, I’ll let you know how it works!

Oh, by the way, I got a compliment from my wife today (which is rare!). This morning when I arrived home from yoga she looked at me and said, “You look skinnier”. Made my day!

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