Day 28, rested

Wednesday, 6:30pm class

What a difference a day off makes! With the mandatory day off yesterday courtesy of Mother Nature and her blizzard, I returned to the hot room tonight feeling rested. Despite the fact that I shoveled over 2 feet of snow this morning, my back feels wonderful all throughout class. No stiffness, no soreness, ahhhhh. I almost forgot what it felt like to have a strong back. 

I was shoveling snow yesterday and this morning. There was a time a couple of years ago, before Bikram, when shoveling that much snow for that long (2 hours) would have resulted in my back being so sore and painful that I would have been hobbled for at least a few days. Not anymore, this yoga is truly amazing!

Tomorrow will be my toughest day of the challenge, double day! I’ll be back in the hot room in less than 10 hours for the 6am class and then take the 5pm class with work in between. Man, work really gets in the way of my yoga, haha.

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Yoga Dad

yoga dad lives high atop a hill and enjoys being a father and practicing hot yoga.

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