Bikram 30 day challenge benifits

Here are some of the benefits I enjoyed from my Bikram 30 day challenge: Weight loss of 7 pounds, I wanted to lose 10 but the challenge definitely gave me the jump-start I needed and now I know I will be able to keep going and loose those last few pesky pounds of belly fat. I feel better and have more energy. My digestive system is working better and I’m sure that’s a combination of all the yoga and cutting out junk food as well. I definitely advanced my practice; I’m going deeper in many postures and I’m often able to hold the balancing postures for the entire posture. This is the most progress I’ve made since my first year. During my first year of Bikram I learned a lot and progress came in leaps and bounds but during my second year I feel like my practice plateaued and that’s part of why I wanted to do this challenge. Well, I wasn’t disappointed; the challenge has propelled my practice through any imaginary ceiling! Here are some random things that I discovered during my Bikram 30 day challenge: I enjoy starting my day with yoga at 6am because I feel great all day! I can sleep like a kid again. I can control my sweet tooth. I am finally able to do Pranayama breathing without sounding like an old man snoring (that only took two years!). Doing a double is enjoyable and can lead to a breakthrough. Bikram yoga really is amazing and whatever you put into it you get back 100 fold. If you’re considering doing the Bikram 30 day challenge I highly recommend it, you will definitely advance your practice, gain a sense of achievement and learn a thing or two about yourself along the journey. It truly is a journey, filled with ups and downs and challenges along the way but worth every minute (and every drop of sweat)!! So what’s next for me? My biggest fear about doing the challenge was that I would get burned out on yoga. Well that definitely didn’t happen. If anything the opposite happened, I think I’m more addicted to yoga than ever and that’s a good thing. Going forward I’m going to aim for 5 classes per week instead of my old average of 3 classes per week. I think that’s the sweet spot. I also want to thank all of you for your support, advice and encouragement over the last 30 days, it really means a lot to me and I feel like I’ve made some new friends along the way! I’m going to keep my blog going and continue giving updates on my yoga journey. ~Yoga Dad

Day 10- yoga eating, like a monk

One of my goals when I started this 30 day challenge was to make it a holistic endeavor. I’m kicking off the new year with 30 days of yoga as well as 30 days of cleansing and detoxing my body by carefully watching what I put in it, like a monk, or at least as close as I’m ever going to come.

So, since the first I’ve been without any junk. No cookies, candy, cake, brownies, chips, pretzels, cupcakes, beer or wine (god, I’m hungry!). Other than that I’ve been eating three sensible meals a day with dinner consisting of either chicken, turkey or fish. I haven’t eaten red meat since I was 18 (thirty years!) so that part is easy. Snacks consist of celery sticks, cucumbers and fruit. The biggest challenge has been giving up the sweets, especially at night when my sweet tooth morphs into big bad wolf tooth. I’ve been replacing the sweets at night with fresh fruit, which usually does the trick but I’m still getting cravings at night for sugar, bad. Any advice on this would be appreciated.

After 10 days I feel great! More energetic, stronger and I feel like my body is looking leaner and tighter. Dropped 2 pounds the first week and next weigh in is at the 2 week point. When I started the challenge I was about 10 pounds overweight so if I can shed that during the challenge I’ll be thrilled!

By the way, class today was at 8 am since it’s Saturday so that’s like being on vacation compared to the 6 am! Felt extremely strong all the way through class today, like a monk!